HydroClean plus
NEW HydroClean® plus

Efficient wound healing
begins with effective
wound cleansing.

HydroClean® plus
The start of faster wound healing

With its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism, HydroClean® plus activates the wound healing process. This forms the basis of rapid wound treatment.

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HydroTherapy system

Rapid wound cleansing and sustained epithelialization in two simple steps

The success of HydroTherapy is derived from two Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWD®) which perfectly complement one another – each with its own unique mode of action, delivering rapid cleansing, early granulation tissue formation, epithelialisation while maintaining a balanced level of moisture at all phases of wound progression – to support effective wound healing. 1

Effective cleansing activates the wound so that granulation can start. Having an optimal moist wound environment protects and promotes sustained epithelialization.

Start of the wound therapy

HydroClean® plus cleanses the wound effectively and activates the healing process

HydroClean® plus supports efficient healing of chronic and hard-to-heal wounds with its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism.1, 2

What HydroClean® plus can do:

  • Gently remove necrosis and devitalised tissue via autolysis 3, 4
  • Stimulate granulation tissue formation 5, 6, 7
  • Keep wounds moist for up to three days 8
HydroClean plus
HydroClean plus

HydroClean® plus is the ideal first step to efficient wound healing.

Benefits of wound treatment with HydroClean® plus:

  • Painless dressing changes 8
  • Autolytic debridement 3, 9, 10
  • Easy to apply, flexible and conformable 11
  • Can be used in conjunction with compression therapy 11
„HydroClean plus is the only
wound dressing with a unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism. “ "
How HydroClean® plus cleanses wounds
To make efficient wound healing possible, the wound must first be cleansed. The new HydroClean® plus works more than twice as fast as amorphous hydrogels. Therefore, the wound healing process starts considerably earlier with HydroClean® plus.5, 12

Woundhealing with HydroClean

Release of Ringer’s solution 3

Woundhealing with HydroClean

Absorption of necrosis, fibrin, bacteria, wound exudate and debridement of devitalised tissue 3, 5, 8

Woundhealing with HydroClean

Ideal wound environment for effective wound healing 5

O Download Overview of HydroTherapy Range
„Even my doctor was surprised that my wound had healed so well and so quickly.“
The HydroTherapy approach

Wound therapy with perfectly complementing products

HydroTherapy is a new approach to efficient wound healing. All preparations work perfectly well together so even the most hard-to-heal wounds can be treated.

The colour-coding system makes HydroTherapy preparations easy to use and understand.

Moist wound dressings: Comfort with adhesive border, cavity for deep wounds, concave for heel and elbows, sacral for sacral region
Packaging HydroClean plus

HydroClean® plus

During the cleansing and granulation phase, HydroClean® plus is suitable for the treatment of superficial full thickness wounds. Its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism removes necrosis and coatings from the wound, as well as the bacteria contained in them, and binds them inside the wound dressing. Due to the inactivation of excess protease, new tissue can be formed and healing is not disturbed.
Packaging HydroClean plus cavity

HydroClean® plus Cavity

For deep wounds and/or wound cavities, HydroClean® plus cavity should be used. The pad is the same on all sides and does not have any silicone strips, meaning it can be easily packed into deep wounds or wound cavities.
Shapes and sizes

All preparations are available in various shapes and sizes

The range of shapes and sizes of HydroTherapy’s wound preparations are suitable for a wide variety of wounds.

HydroClean® plus is available in two variants, including HydroClean® plus cavity for deep and fissured wounds.

HydroTac® is available in the Comfort variety with a self-adhesive border that makes it possible for patients to shower with the dressing on.

HydroTherapy makes it simple and easy for doctors to treat majority of patients’ wounds.


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