What is
AquaClear® Technology?

It’s much more than silicone!

HydroTac® provides a combination of absorption and moisture donation, which helps to keep wounds in a balanced moist environment, optimising healing efficiency.2,3

AquaClear® Technology is designed to boost growth factor activity and thereby speed up epithelialisation.4

How AquaClear® Technology works


Silicone Interface

It is the biocompatability and biodurability that makes silicone an excellent material choice for medical devices.

However, silicone is an inert, passive material that does
not actively hydrate the wound.





HydroTac® with AquaClear® Technology

AquaClear® Technology is designed to promote concentration of growth factors, thus speeding up epithelial wound closure.4

Epithelialisation requires keratinocyte proliferation and migration. Both processes are driven by growth factors, extracellular matrix components and balanced protease expression. When keratinocytes receive the appropriate growth factor cues they start to migrate and close the wound. Eventually, epithelial wound closure is achieved, the epidermal barrier re-established and wound healing
is completed.5

Hydrated polyurethanes can boost activity of endogenous growth factors already present in the wound bed which further stimulate tissue build-up and epithelial wound closure. Theoretically, water is selectively absorbed by the hydrated polyurethane matrix. Growth factors in complex fluids such as wound fluid become concentrated and thus more active.5


Promotion of Growth Factors

Growth factors are regulators or mediators that attract
cells into the wound, stimulate their proliferation, and
have profound influence on extracellular matrix deposition.5

Keratinocytes (KC) are the predominant cells in the epidermis and they need a smooth, moist surface of a granulation tissue in order to migrate from wound edges.5

The activation of KCs allows them to dis-assemble and subsequently migrate and fill the wound site. Both migration and proliferation depend on availability and normal functionality of the growth factors.5

AquaClear® Technology is designed to promote growth factor concentration, thus boosting epithelial wound closure and accelerating the healing process.4

Hexagon Silicon Interface





Hexagon AquaClear Technology





Hexagon Growth Factors


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