HydroTherapy Simple and effective

A NEW perspective on wound cleansing, debridement and healing.

Introducing HydroTherapy, our new sequential wound care treatment programme using HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®.

At last an innovative wound treatment that delivers simple and effective wound care, whatever the wound type.

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Together a great combination.

HydroTherapy is a sequential wound treatment programme using HydroClean® plus and HydroTac®.

HydroTherapy optimises wound bed preparation providing rapid cleansing and supporting early granulation and epithelialisation.1

A simple solution, whatever the wound type.

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HydroTherapy HydroClean plus and HydroTac

HydroTherapy - Together a great combination

HydroClean plus and HydroTac
Phase 1

HydroClean® plus a Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing that:

  • Cleanses, debrides and de-sloughs2
  • Absorbs3
  • Aids wound assessment4
  • Stimulates granulation5

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Phase 2

HydroTac® with AquaClear® Technology that:

  • Hydrates, absorbs, protects and soothes6
  • Supports epithelialisation and granulation7
  • Promotes an optimal moist wound healing environment6
  • Alleviates pain on removal8

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HydroTac Overlay
HydroClean plus and HydroTac comfort

Always ahead of the pack in the development of innovative technologies

HARTMANN is the first to recognise the benefits of Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings in
the treatment of wounds and the first to put this into practice.
Our platform-technology has been proven to clearly provide improved wound bed preparation and therefore a faster healing process.
AquaClear® Technology is a unique class of material which can be used in wound dressings and has been developed specifically to promote wound closure.
Together both technologies form the basis for our innovative and highly effective HydroTherapy.

HydroTherapy Product range

A new perspective with perfectly matched products

HydroTherapy is a new approach to wound healing. All the products are matched with each other that they are suitable for treating the majority of wounds.

The colour coding system allows quick and easy product selection.

Moist wound dressings: Comfort with adhesive border, cavity for deep wounds, concave for heel and elbows, sacral for sacral region


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