Protects and promotes wound healing

HydroTac is a foam dressing with a gas-permeable, waterproof and bacteria-proof cover film. On the wound side, the dressing is coated with net-shaped hydrogel. 

For moist wounds, the exudate is absorbed by a layer of foam, while dry wounds are kept moist with active moisture-release thanks to the hydrogel layer.


Active moisture management for an optimal wound environment

HydroTherapy carries out successful wound treatment involving only two preparations. Deep cleansing activates the wound so that granulation starts at the earliest possible opportunity. A perfect wound climate protects and furthers sustained epithelialisation.
Promotes effective epithelial wound closure

Application principles

New HydroTac® accelerates epithelialization. Growth factors and a moist wound environment are important for fast wound healing. AquaClear gel technology accumulates growth factors and actively releases moisture for faster epithelial wound closure. [1]

  • Faster epithelial wound closure reduces the risk of infection [2]
  • Safe and atraumatic dressing change
  • Active moisture release
  • Optimum absorption
  • Clearly faster wound closure with HydroTac® when compared
    with passive silicone. [3]

[1] „Hydrated polyurethane polymers to increase growth factor bioavailability in wound healing."; Smola H., Maier G., Junginger M., Kettel K., Smola S.;presented at the EORS Congress, 2014, Nantes.Verification Testreport; Maier Greta, Junginger Martin; September 2015

[2] A. Rook, D.S. Wilkinson, et.al, 1986, Textbook of Dermatology - 4th edition. I Dermatology, Blackwell Scientific Publications, 750.

[3] Smola H. : Stimulation of epithelial migration - novel material based approaches. Presented at EWMA Congress, 2015, London. Data on file: in-vivo study, 2015 H. Smola

Fast and active mode of action
For shorter treatment times

  • AquaClear Gel Technology of HydroTac accelerates the healing process by accumulation of growth factors[4]
  • Up to three times higher concentration of growth factors with AquaClear Gel[5]

[4] "Hydrated polyurethanes selectively concentrate growth factors from complex biological fluids: implications for epithelial wound closure."; Smola H., Maier G., Junginger M., Kettel K., Smola S.; Wound Rep Reg 2014 22:A97

[5] Hydrated polyurethane polymers to increase growth factor bioavailability in wound healing.";


AquaClear Gel Technology:
Faster epithelialization

Finer gel structure
Tiny holes prevent sticking and enable absorption of excess exudate

Larger gel surface
For improved moisture release and faster wound closure

New gel formula
For perfect moisture management

Thicker gel
For an improved moisture reservoir

AquaClear Gel technology
AquaClear Gel makes the wound more active and accelerates and enhances the body own healing process.

Nurse looking at something
"HydroTac accelerates the wound healing process. My patients are greatful to me."
HydroTherapy Product range

A therapy with perfectly matched products

HydroTherapy is a new approach to wound healing.All preparations have been harmonised with one another in such a way that they can treat the majority of hard-to-heal wounds.

An unambiguous colour-coding system provides orientation for the use of the preparations.

Moist wound dressings: Comfort with adhesive border, cavity for deep wounds, concave for heel and elbows, sacral for sacral region


During the granulation and epithelialization phases, HydroTac® is suitable on superficial wounds with low to moderate wound exudation. HydroTac®‘s gel coating creates an active moist wound environment for optimal healing.
Download Verpackung HydroTac (PDF)

HydroTac® comfort

Due to its secure self-adhesive border, HydroTac® comfort is “shower-proof”, letting patients conveniently wash or shower without having to remove or change their wound dressing.
Download Verpackung HydroTac comfort (PDF)

HydroTac® Sacral

HydroTac® Sacral’s shape makes it suitable for wound treatment on the body’s sacral region. Featuring a convenient self-adhesive border, HydroTac® Sacral is also safe and “shower-proof” to wear.
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Shapes and sizes

All preparations are available in the popular sizes and shapes

The wide range of shapes and sizes are suitable for a wide variety of wounds. There are cavity variants of HydroClean plus to treat deep and fissured wounds. HydroTac is additionally available in the comfort version with a self-adhesive border that makes it possible to shower with the dressing on.

In conclusion: wounds with special requirements can be simply and flexibly treated.