HydroClean® plus
The start of faster healing

With the unique absorbing-rinsing mechanism HydroClean plus stimulates the wound healing process. This forms the basis of a rapid healing process.


Rapid cleansing, sustained epithelialisation

Using only two preparations, HydroTherapy achieves successful wound treatment. Deep cleansing activates the wound so that granulation starts as soon as possible. A perfect wound climate protects and promotes sustained epithelialisation.

Start of the therapy

HydroClean plus cleanses the
wound effectively and activates
the healing process

HydroTherapy supports the healing of chronic and hard-to-heal
wounds simply and effectively.

During the cleansing phase, HydroClean plus carries out the following:

  • Removes all wound healing factors (e.g. necrosis, fibrin coating)
    for quicker wound healing
  • Reduces pain felt during change of dressing – for better
    patient satisfaction
  • Effective for up to three days, particularly over the weekend
  • No known contraindications therefore applicable for all wounds

HydroClean® plus

The combination of the following properties makes HydroClean plus truly unique – as a result, it is the ideal preparation in the initial therapy phase:

  • Active and therefore rapid and very effective wound cleansing
  • Removal of even the most obstinate coatings and the bacteria contained in it
  • Binding and killing of bacteria in the interior of the wound dressing
  • De-activation of factors which inhibit wound healing (protease)
  • Granulation promotion
How HydroClean® plus works
To make rapid wound healing possible, the wound must first be free of all troublesome impurities. HydroClean plus works more than twice as fast as amorphous hydrogels. The healing process starts considerably earlier.

Start of the therapy

Absorption of necrosis, fibrin, bacteria and exudate.

Continuous release of Ringer’s solution.

Optimal moist wound environment for the incipient and progressing healing process.

"Even my doctor told me that he was surprised that the wound had healed so well and so quickly."
HydroTherapy product range

A therapy with perfectly matched products

HydroTherapy is a new approach to wound healing. All preparations are harmonised, so the most hard-to-heal wounds can be treated.

The unambiguous colour- coding system provides orientation for the use of the preparations.

Moist wound dressings: Comfort with adhesive border, cavity for deep wounds, concave for heel and elbows, sacral for sacral region
Packaging HydroClean plus

HydroClean® plus

During the cleansing and granulation phase, HydroClean® plus is suitable for the treatment of superficial full thickness wounds. Its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism removes necrosis and coatings from the wound, as well as the bacteria contained in them, and binds them inside the wound dressing. Due to the inactivation of excess protease, new tissue can be formed and healing is not disturbed.
Packaging HydroClean plus cavity

HydroClean® plus Cavity

For deep wounds and/or wound cavities, HydroClean® plus cavity should be used. The pad is the same on all sides and does not have any silicone strips, meaning it can be easily packed into deep wounds or wound cavities.
Shapes and sizes

All preparations are available in the popular sizes and shapes

The wide range of shapes and sizes are suitable for a wide variety of wounds. There are cavity variants of HydroClean plus to treat deep and fissured wounds. HydroTac is additionally available in the comfort version with a self-adhesive that makes it possible to shower with the dressing on.

In conclusion: wounds with special demands can be simply and flexibly treated.