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For wound treatment at home, HydroTherapy is the effective and simple therapy concept for chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. We give advice on how to accelerate the healing process in our information on various forms of wounds.
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Questions about wound treatment

HydroTherapy is suitable for use at home under the supervision of a specialist doctor.
You will surely have questions regarding the therapy? You can find some of the answers here.
What is HydroTherapy?

HydroTherapy is a new type of therapy concept for wound treatment. The treatment of chronic and hard-to-heal healing wounds from wound cleansing through to wound healing can be carried out using only two active preparations: HydroClean plus and HydroTac.

When is HydroTherapy applied?

HydroTherapy is used for chronic and poorly healing wounds

When do I use HydroClean plus and when HydroTac or HydroTac comfort?

HydroClean plus is used in the cleansing and granulation phase. When clean and healthy granulation tissue has formed then either HydroTac or HydroTac comfort (with its self-adhesive border) is used until the wound closes up.

Is it dangerous when the HydroClean wound dressing pad tears and the core comes into contact with the wound?

No danger exists if the interior of an open wound dressing pad comes into direct contact with the wound.

What are the differences between HydroTac and HydroTac comfort?

HydroTac is available in two variants – both of them feature a waterproof and germ-proof cover layer. In addition, HydroTac comfort offers a self-adhesive sealing border.

Can I take a shower wearing the preparations?

Taking a shower with the variant HydroTac comfort is no problem. The wound is protected by the self-adhesive sealing border. If you want to shower, select HydroTac comfort. The variant HydroTac (without adhesive border) is not suitable.

Which sizes are available for HydroClean plus?

HydroClean plus is available in various sizes. You can find the sizes here.

Which sizes are available for HydroTac and HydroTac comfort?

HydroTac and HydroTac comfort are available in various sizes. You can find the sizes here.

Is it possible that HydroTac / HydroTac comfort cause allergic reactions?

In very rare cases patients can react allergically to one or more of the materials contained in HydroTac-/- HydroTac comfort. Therefore, all the materials contained in the dressing are listed on the packing insert. Please read the packing insert.

Are HydroTac and HydroTac comfort suitable for use under compression bandages or compression stockings?

HydroTac and HydroTac comfort can be used under compression bandages and stockings.