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Efficacy and Simplicity

Two preparations = one successful therapy

HydroTherapy's success is based on two perfectly harmonised preparations each with a unique mode of function for chronic wounds and hard-to-heal wounds.

Quick cleansing, early granulation and sustained epithelialisation emphasise the effectiveness of HydroTherapy.

Application principle

Two simple steps to successful wound closure.

HydroTherapy is based on only two innovative preparations with special modes of function, which activate the wound and thereby accelerate the natural healing process in a verifiable way.

– the epithelialization boost.

New HydroTac® accelerates epithelialization. This innovation perfectly complements the cleansing effect of HydroClean®.

Successful healing in 10–12 weeks

Three steps of healing: step 1

At the beginning of the therapy, the wound is cleansed and activated by HydroClean plus’s unique absorb-cleanse mechanism.

Three steps of healing: step 2

Once the cleansing of the wound has been completed, granulation starts to happen. HydroTac protects the wound and furthers the growth of clean, red granulation tissue.

Three steps of healing: step 3

Sustained epithelialisation leads to successful healing in a shorter time.

1. Step: HydroClean® plus
wound cleansing

HydroClean plus cleanses and activates the wounds. The unique absorb-cleanse mechanism removes intrusive wound exudate and thus stimulates the healing process.

HydroClean plus has a high content of Ringer’s solution and PHMB* is bound in its core.The watertight cover film ideally constrains liquid so that dressing normally lasts more than three days. Thanks to the non-adhesive wound contact layer, hardly any pain is felt when changing the dressing, thereby making this process comfortable for both the patient and the care personnel.

*polyhexamethylene biguanide = antiseptic



2. Step: HydroTac® – Faster wound healing

New HydroTac® accelerates epithelial wound closure. This innovation perfectly complements the cleansing effect of HydroClean®. Thanks to AquaClear technology, HydroTac enhances the body own healing process. The innovative AquaClear gel increases the concentration of growth factors with hydrated polyurethane.[1] The growth factors accumulate on the surface of the gel.

At the same time, moisture can be released, ensuring the ideal wound climate.

HydroTac can be used for several days without having to change the dressing, thus giving the wound plenty of time to rest.

[1]Smola H., Maier G., Junginger M., Kettel K., Smola. Hydrated polyurethane polymers to increase growth factor bioavailability in wound healing. Presented at the EORS, Congress, 2014, Nantes

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"Wound treatment was simply and astonishingly free of problems."

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