HydroTherapy - Efficacy. And Simplicity.

Accomplishing healing in only two steps using an innovative therapy

HydroTherapy means taking a new approach to the treatment of chronic wounds as well as wounds with impaired healing. There are only two steps from wound cleaning to wound healing. Effective and Simple.
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Perfectly harmonised to one another

The success of HydroTherapy is based on two preparations which are perfectly harmonised with each other - each with its own unique mode of action.

HydroTherapy sets itself apart thanks to efficient healing: rapid cleansing, early granulation and sustained epithelialisation.

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The first step: HydroClean® Plus wound cleansing

HydroClean plus cleanses and activates the wounds. The unique absorb-cleanse mechanism removes intrusive wound exudate and thus stimulates the healing process.

 HydroClean plus has a high content of Ringer’s solution and PHMB* is bound in its core. The watertight cover film ideally constrains liquid so that dressing normally lasts more than three days. Thanks to the non-adhesive wound contact layer, hardly any pain is felt when changing the dressing, thereby making this process comfortable for both the patient and the care personnel.

*polyhexamethylene biguanide = antiseptic

The second step: HydroTac®

The epithelialization boost – accelerated wound healing owing to AquaClear Technology. 

HydroTac enhances the body own healing process. The innovative AquaClear gel increases growth factor concentration with hydrated polyurethane.[1] The growth factors accumulate on the surface of the gel.

At the same time, moisture can be released, ensuring the ideal wound climate.

HydroTac can be used for several days without having to change the dressing, thus ensuring a minimum amount of disturbance to the wound.

[1] Smola H., Maier G., Junginger M., Kettel K., Smola. Hydrated polyurethane polymers to increase growth factor bioavailability in wound healing. Presented at the EORS, Congress, 2014, Nantes
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HydroClean plus and HydroTac comfort
Our new packaging system

Informative and efficient

The idea of the simple therapy concept is also consistently
reflected in the design of the new packaging.

  • All designs and variants are recognisable at a glance
  • The colour-coding system guides one in selecting a
    suitable preparation
  • Easy to use thanks to application icons
"Treatment with the two HydroTherapy preparations is simple and effective."

Always ahead of the pack in the development of innovative technologies

HARTMANN was the first to recognise the importance of activated super-absorbant polyacrylate polymers in the treatment of wounds and the first to put it into practice. This platform technology has been proven to provide a clearly better preparation of the wound bed and therefore more rapid healing. Hydrated polyurethanes are a unique class of materials which may be used in wound dressings. This second technology platform has been developed specifically to promote wound closure. Together both technologies form the basis for our unique and highly effective HydroTherapy.

HydroTherapy brochure

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