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Efficacy and Simplicity

Two simple steps, one effective wound therapy

The success of HydroTherapy is derived from two Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressings (HRWD®) which perfectly complement one another – each with its own unique mode of action, delivering rapid cleansing, early granulation tissue formation, epithelialisation while maintaining a balanced level of moisture at all phases of wound progression – to support effective wound healing. 1

Quick cleansing, early granulation, and sustained epithelialization emphasize HydroTherapy’s effectiveness in healing and closing wounds.

HydroTherapy system

2-step process from wound cleansing to epithelial wound closure


NEW HydroClean® plus
is the only wound dressing with a unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism.

HydroClean® plus is the patented Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD®) that promotes autolytic debridement. 1

HydroClean® plus has a unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism that supports effective cleansing across a variety of wounds. 2, 3, 4

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Mechanism of HydroClean

Successful wound healing in
approximately 10-12 weeks 13

Three steps of healing: step 1

At the beginning of the therapy, the wound is cleansed and activated by the unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism of HydroClean® plus.

Three steps of healing: step 2

Once wound cleansing is complete, granulation starts to happen. HydroTac® protects the wound and furthers the growth of clean, red granulation tissue.

Three steps of healing: step 3

Sustained epithelialization leads to faster wound healing. 6

HydroClean plus

Step 1: HydroClean® plus
– Effective wound cleansing

With its unique Rinsing-Absorption Mechanism, HydroClean® plus is the patented Hydro-Responsive Wound Dressing (HRWD®) that promotes autolytic debridement.1, 2, 5

HydroClean® plus contains Ringer's solution and PHMB*. This supports an optimally-moist wound-healing environment for up to three days. 2, 5

With easy-to-remove silicone strips as well as a non-adherent hydrophobic layer, HydroClean® plus conforms well to the wound surface and enables atraumatic dressing removal for patients. 3, 6

*polyhexamethylene biguanide, an antiseptic



Step 2: HydroTac® – Faster wound healing with gel technology

Accelerated epithelialization; wound healing boosted by AquaClear Gel technology. 8

HydroTac® enhances the body’s natural wound healing process. Innovative AquaClear Gel increases growth factor concentration with hydrated polyurethane. The growth factors accumulate on the surface of the gel. 7

At the same time, moisture is released from the pad, ensuring ideal wound climate. 9, 10, 11

HydroTac® can be used for several days without changing the dressing, thus ensuring minimal disturbance to the wound. 12


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„Wound treatment was simple and astonishingly problem-free.“

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